Insurance/No Insurance

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If you are insured, place a call to your insurance company, your Human Resources contact, or the Treatment Option you have selected and ask for their Insurance coordinator. Tell them that you have determined which Treatment Option you have selected and tell them that you need to understand all the facts about your insurance. You should understand all the financial information they provide for you. If you do not understand, keep asking. You need to insure that there are no questions unasked and that you fully and completely understand how much your insurance will pay, how much YOU will need to pay and you need to ask if you can get that in writing.

No Insurance
When buying the Prostate Cancer Workbook there is an entire chapter that addresses No Insurance. It includes free or low cost screening, help with the costs of treatment and medical debt, help with travel costs, housing assistance, prescriptions and medical supplies, help with living expenses and help with legal issues.