The Prostate Cancer Workbook

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1 in 7 men will be diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in their lifetime.  In 2014, 233,000 men will be diagnosed, another 29,000 will die from it.

When my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer, we had a million questions and the doctor that we had, didn’t want to answer any of them.  All she wanted to do was wheel him into surgery.

With that in mind, I read 17 books on various options and then spent days and weeks and months finding out everything I could on each treatment option. I made charts and we evaluated each of the options.  The direct result of those charts, was that we ruled out what we couldn’t live with and then went to 7 doctors to discuss what we could live with.

Having all the information in a One Stop Shop was my goal, so I decided to write a book on Prostate Cancer and make it a workbook so that men would take it with them to every appointment.  I have done it!  “The Prostate Cancer Workbook – Diagnosis & Treatment Options for the Thinking Man” is now available both on here on my website and on Amazon.  It is the BEST, first book a man can read!  This workbook is not a story of one option chosen by a single man, instead, it is a look at ALL of the options that are available.  Chapter 26 is where each of these men will enter their own, personal information and results from all tests as well as biopsy results.  All info in one place!

I believe that this book which shows each of the treatment options will give men and the people who love them, a place to turn to and lets them choose what works for their lifestyle.

The importance of the book cannot be overstated!  It puts men diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in the driver’s seat and shows them how to move past the first, initial, scary words “You have Prostate Cancer”!  It gives them POWER.  Men become well equipped to discuss the treatment options that he considers relevant for him and the people that love him.

This book should be handed to EVERY man with a high PSA.  It needs to be in his hands BEFORE he goes for a biopsy, so he knows what to expect.  I believe that you can help make this happen.  It is reasonable and essential that men understand that just because a doctor says “Surgery”, that doesn’t mean you have to have surgery!  YOU get to choose!  YOU get to decide!