prostate cancer blocks_31 in 7 men, in their lifetime, will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year. If that one is you, you will need to become your own Patient Advocate, because no one cares more about your life than you and the people who love you. You have a responsibility to make the best decision possible and I know that by reviewing the information provided, you will know more than you ever thought possible about prostate cancer, your options and the power you have to choose the option best suited for you.










YOU get to choose! YOU get to decide who you want for your doctor and if it doesn’t “feel” right, YOU get to walk out! Along our path of searching, there were doctors that we liked a lot. We liked how we were treated, we liked how willing they were to take time and talk about the different options and what they recommended. We always left saying we were going to take our time and make the best decision for us!

We gained a tremendous insight from one of our second opinions. As I went through all the options on our list, the doctor talked through each one openly and honestly. He commented on the quality of our questions and he liked it that we were writing down all the thoughts he shared with us. He turned to Larry and said, “You have plenty of time to keep talking and taking notes and deciding because you want to make sure that whatever choice you make, is the very best choice for both of you.” It was reassuring, uplifting and hopeful! And it really made us know that what we were doing made sense!